Garage Floor Finishing 

Concrete garages floors are exposed to road grime and automotive fluids, and must be finished to prevent staining and allow for easy cleaning. Concrete garage floor finishes fit into two categories: concrete polishing and concrete coatings. Coatings include sealers and epoxies, and provide the highest level of stain resistance for this application. If a polished concrete appearance is in your design specifications, garage floors can be polished and coated with a durable transparent sealer.


  • Low Cost

  • High Gloss Finishes possible

  • Very High Stain and Chemical Resistance

  • Easily Repaired

  • Fast Install Time

DIY Garage Finishes

Big box home improvement stores offer oil based floor paints and epoxies to finish concrete garage floors. Oil based garage floor paints breakdown quickly when exposed to water, engine oil or car tires, and fail to offer an attractive appearance. Two part garage floor epoxies are difficult to apply without specialized equipment and offer marginally more durability than oil based paints.