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By purchasing polished concrete floors, you are able to take advantage of many compelling features. From the sheer durability of polished concrete floors to their inherent sustainability, polished concrete floors can be an excellent choice for your office or home.

That said, there is one additional feature that can make your polished concrete floors even more comfortable. This is true even if you live in a moderate climate like Texas. 

That feature is radiant floor heating.

Radiant floor heating can provide warmth during the coldest months. It can lower your electric bill. Radiant floor heating can contribute to global sustainability efforts. And by investing in radiant floor heating, you, your family, or your colleagues can focus on work or play without being distracted by a room’s temperature. This is true even in Texas, where the weather can turn colder at certain times every year.

Ultimately, radiant floor heating in polished concrete floors is something that you should absolutely consider. Doing so will keep your home or office warm while offering significant financial and environmental benefits. 


How Radiant Floor Heating Works

However, before exploring the many benefits of radiant floor heating in polished concrete floors, it is first important to understand how radiant floor heating works. To put it simply, radiant energy is a form of electromagnetic energy. Radiant energy is transferred due to a warm surface surrendering its heat to a cooler surface. As just one example, the sun radiates energy towards the earth, and that energy is absorbed by the earth and is released as heat.

Radiant floor heating provides a similar effect in your home or office. Electric heating coils or water-heated tubing are installed into the concrete slab when it is poured. When this process occurs, the thermal mass of concrete is transformed into a radiator of warm, even heat. From there, heat radiates upward from the floor to warm the entire room. By taking advantage of radiant floor heating in your polished concrete floors, you will notice that the room’s temperature is constant. In fact, it can feel even more constant than a standard forced-air system since that system releases air that rises, cools, and then falls to the floor. Overall, radiant floor heating mimics a heating process that occurs naturally in our environment. It is a simple and easy way to provide consistent heat in your home or office. 

Finally, you can incorporate radiant floor heating in newly polished concrete floors or existing polished concrete floors. If you need a new polished concrete floor for your home or office, we can easily incorporate this feature from the start. But even if you already have an existing polished concrete floor, you aren’t out of luck. There are new ultra-thin, electric heating matsthat can be embedded into cement overlays. By doing this, you can easily retrofit existing slabs to take advantage of radiant floor heating. So ultimately, whether or not you have existing polished concrete floors, you will be able to leverage radiant floor heating in your home or office building.


The Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating

With a basic understanding of the science behind radiant floor heating, it is easy to start thinking of the numerous amount of benefits that it can provide in your home or office.

To start, radiant floor heating in your polished concrete floors can provide a warm floor that is evenly distributed throughout a particular room. Rather than purchasing an external radiator or forced-air system to provide heat, you can simply rely on the inherent properties of your polished concrete floor. You never need to “turn it on.” Instead, you can have the confidence that your floor will always be warm throughout the year. This is the main value proposition of radiant floor heating and it is a benefit that our customers are happy to leverage.

Radiant floor heating in polished concrete floors can also provide a better experience in a particular room. This is for several reasons. Compared to an external heater or forced-air system, radiant floor heating does not create any noise. Instead of listening to a distracting forced-air system as you are trying to concentrate on your work, you are able to work in silence. Along with this, radiant floor heating does not circulate dust or other allergens in your room. This is typical of a forced-air system, as the system indiscriminately circulates this foreign debris in your home or office. With radiant floor heating, however, your room can be more sanitary. You will feel better since this foreign debris will not be circulating into your eyes. 

Beyond these basic heating and health benefits, radiant floor heating in polished concrete floors can save you cash. Quite obviously, this is because you don’t need to invest in an external heater or forced-air system. But along with this, radiant floor heating in polished concrete floors consumes less energy while simultaneously offering the same level of heat and comfort.

This has massive ramifications. Instead of making that initial purchase and paying small, yet recurring costs in your electric bill, radiant floor heating only requires one upfront investment. Once it is installed in your home or office, you won’t have to make additional, recurring payments. In fact, according to one study by the U.S. Department of Energy, radiant floor heating can lower heating costs by 25 to 50 percent. This is real money in your pocket and can make a significant difference if you are looking to heat a large home or office building.    

Last (but certainly not least), radiant floor heating in polished concrete floors offers a wide range of environmental benefits. To reiterate, radiant floor heating means that you don’t need to purchase an external heater or forced-air system. You are using less electricity while obtaining the same heating effects. By taking advantage of radiant floor heating, you also don’t need as many building materials to conceal ductwork. In other words, you have a smaller environmental footprint in your home or office. By purchasing radiant floor heating, you also may qualify for green building points under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (“LEED”) program and the National Association of Home Builders Green Building Program. 

While you will need to investigate these opportunities further, the fact remains that radiant floor heating is an attractive choice if you want to both help maintain our environment and keep a few extra dollars in your pocket. Combined with the inherent sustainability of polished concrete floors, you will certainly be doing your part to protect our world.


A Wealth of Benefits

While this is just a fundamental exploration of radiant floor heating, we hope it is clear that radiant floor heating in polished concrete floors can provide a wealth of benefits. Radiant floor heating can distribute even heat throughout a particular room or building. It is more cost-effective than relying on an external heater or forced-air system. And by leveraging radiant floor heating, you can help contribute to global sustainability. All of these benefits come included regardless of whether or not you already have polished concrete floors. 

Ultimately, we hope to have piqued your interest in radiant floor heating. If you are interested in learning more about radiant floor heating in polished concrete floors, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation. You can also email us at info@craftsmanconcretefloors.comor call (214) 663-5848.