We create durable concrete garage floor finishes by polishing and sealing or using self-leveling epoxy coatings. 


Retail Garage Finishes

Big box home improvement stores offer oil based garage floor paints and two part chemical epoxies to finish concrete garage floors. Oil based garage floor paints breakdown quickly when exposed to water, engine oil or car tires, and fail to offer an attractive appearance. Two step garage floor epoxies are difficult to apply without specialized equipment and offer marginally more durability than oil based paints. A more attractive and cost effective solution is concrete floor polishing or commercial self-leveling epoxies. 

Concrete Garage Floor Polishing 

Concrete garage floor polishing exposes the natural beauty of your concrete slab at an accessible price. Polished garage floors are sealed with a durably sealer, offering superior resistance to chemicals and stains. 

Garage Floor Two Part Epoxies

If your concrete slab has cracks, stains or inconsistencies in its appearance, self-leveling epoxies can quickly transform your floor. These finishes offer the utmost resistance to wear and stains at an affordable price. We offer epoxies in a wide variety of colors, textures and finishes, to compliment any garage design.