When it comes to economical flooring solutions, nothing exceeds polished or finished concrete floors. Concrete floors are a low cost, environmentally responsible flooring solution that offers exceptionally low maintenance and service costs. Follow these guidelines for a carefree bla bla bla.

The key to maintaining your concrete floor is to keep your floor as clean as possible. Dirt and grime are abrasive and their buildup will slowly dull the finish of your floors. For residential floors, we recommend utilizing robotic vacuums as the foundation of your floor maintenance program. Robotic vacuums specifically designed for hard surfaces offer the best performance. Floors should be mopped regularly with a mild soap mixture. We recommend Dr. Bronner’s Castile soaps, mixed at half the ratio provided on the packaging.

The other crucial component of concrete floor care is to clean spills promptly after they occur. Although polished floors are treated with very effective stain repellants, liquids with extreme pH’s, like wine or soda can still impact the finish of your floor. If