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Although polished concrete floors are generally installed for their durability, low maintenance, natural beauty, our customers are often surprised to learn that they offer unparalleled slip resistance as well. In fact, America’s largest installers of polished concrete floors, such as Home Depot and Costco, install them for this reason. In the United States, slip related injury lawsuits cost businesses more than 80 billion dollars a year. Even when wet, polished concrete floors offer significantly higher slip resistance than linoleum tiles or engineered floor coatings. When installed properly, polished concrete floors significantly reduce slip and fall liabilities and insurance costs for business owners.

Are Polished Concrete Floors Slippery

Concrete polishing is a multi-step process that allows home and business owners to choose the level of reflectivity that meets their aesthetic needs. However, reflectivity and exposed aggregate size also impact the slip resistance of polished concrete floors. This adds an additional dimension when deciding how polished a floor should be for a specific application. The American Society of Concrete Contractors has extensively studied the slip resistance of polished concrete floors. Attached is a graph that reports their findings for various levels of reflectivity and aggregate size. On this chart, .42 DCOF is the lower limit for a floor considered to offer high traction. As you can see, all polished concrete floors greatly exceed the high traction specification as described by the American National Standards Institute. Whats important to note is that even a high-gloss polished concrete floor is more than 20% safer than the high friction ANSI standard. Low-gloss concrete floors exceed this standard by around 50%.

These incredible safety numbers are due to the Inherent porosity of polished concrete floors. Much like the tread on a tire, this porosity channels waters away from the contact patch of a shoe as it makes contact with a wet floor. In fact, no other hard floor surface performs better in slip and fall traction tests than polished concrete floors.

High Gloss Polished Craftsman Concrete Concrete Floor

High Gloss Polished Craftsman Concrete Concrete Floor

Polishing residential floors
Even the most highly polished concrete floors offer plenty of slip resistance for indoor residential applications. Therefore, aesthetics should dictate what type of finish is utilized for indoor residential concrete floors. However, for outdoor concrete surfaces such as patios and pool decks, we recommend polishing floors to a mid-level gloss to maximize slip resistance. In many indoor residential applications, our customers specify that their concrete floors be polished to the highest level of reflectivity possible. At Craftsman Concrete Floors, we’re experts at polishing concrete floors to this type of high gloss finish.

Increasing slip resistance of existing concrete floors
In high slip-hazard spaces such as locker rooms, public bathrooms, and business entryways, it’s vital to do everything possible to maximize your concrete floor’s grip. Here are a few tips:

  • Keep the floor clean. Government test show that clean concrete floors are nearly 20 times less likely to cause slip related accidents and injuries than dirty floors.

  • Use rubber backed carpet rugs. Absorptive rugs can dramatically reduce slip incidents in indoor spaces prone to standing water.

  • Apply a concrete sealer with glass beads or sand for added grip. These durable finishes offer tons of grip at a reasonable price.

  • Mop on an anti-slip concrete coating such as SlipDoctors Polish Grip. Theres no quicker or easier solution than a slip resistant coating.